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Ice climbing & dry tooling in Boulder, CO

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Kick’N Pick 4:

Iron Chicken Edition

Come join us on November 6th!

This is a project of love and we welcome all stoked ice climbers and dry toolers and those that are curious about this gnarley sport.

As of August 16th, we have a bouldering cave including grades of routes ranging from novice to what you might see in a World Cup. Youth that are training as future Olympic hopefuls are coming in regularly to swing their tools with Tyler, manager of the Ice Coop.

Daily Rates & Rentals

Gym access for a day, with rentals too! Check our Daily Rates and just come by to climb!

Beginner Classes

Come take lessons at the Coop with our expert instructor Tyler Kempney!

Advanced Training

3 week course with specialized training for competitive climbers who are pushing to get to the next level. Email us at for more info.



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