The First Gym of Its Kind

About The Ice Coop & Dry Tooling

This is a project of love and we welcome all stoked ice climbers and dry toolers and those that are curious about this gnarley sport.

Dry Tooling Training

What is dry tooling training for outdoors and competition?

Dry Tooling is a sport where ice tools and crampons are used on rock. In The Ice Coop, tools and fruit boot crampons are used on holds and plywood. Front points are kicked into the plywood for foot holds.

What are fruit boots / front points?

Fruit boots are a lightweight technical boot used in dry tooling competitions and when a precise boot is wanted for dry tooling specific practice. They are not warm.

What are the ideal tools to use in the gym?

We rent the Cassin X-Dream. We encourage you to bring your own, any tool is allowed – BUT no adze or hammers or pommel spikes.


Our goal is to help you train indoors for the outdoors and for competitions

As of August 16th, we have a bouldering cave including, grades of routes ranging from novice to what you might see in a World Cup. Youth that are training as future Olympic hopefuls are coming in regularly to swing their tools with Tyler, manager of the Ice Coop.

Classes We Offer

‘Just Add Ice’ All Levels

Advanced Training

Day & Month Passes

How to use the Gym

  • No shouldering of tools
  • Only front points on fruit boots – No secondary or tertiary rakes. No heel spurs. We can help you figure out a solution.
  • Helmets mandatory.
  • Gloves mandatory. Light gloves recommended. We have golf gloves for sale – work great!
  • Safety glasses HIGHLY recommended.
  • Long pants. We have pants you can throw on over your shorts, if needed.
  • Long sleeves HIGHLY recommended, but not mandatory.
  • Max occupancy in cave is 2 climbers.
  • Ice tools cannot have adze, hammers, pommel spikes, or leashes.
  • No gear? We have rentals available!